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The Simple System Our Clients Use To Create A Wildly Successful Coaching Business In Record Time.


It’s Been Nothing Short of A Miracle…

When I first met Vanessa about 4 months ago, I bought her first book about making money selling mops. There were 2 things in her book that I remember making a big impact on me.

One was a process she suggested. She said to ask yourself what would happen if you achieved all your desires and WRITE DOWN the answer. I wrote “I wouldn’t get to be depressed any more.” I was shocked by my answer!! This showed me that I was choosing depression!

The second thing was that in order to make a change in my life, I had to learn to be happy now, rather than waiting for my external circumstances to change. What a huge shift in consciousness!!
I began to appreciate all the good things about my current situation and there were many! And once I shined the light of appreciation on things, I noticed that everyday there were more and more things to be grateful for!

Everything in my life started to get better! When I met her, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my bills at the end of that month. Using the mindset shift she taught me, I have been able to pay all my bills for the past 4 months without drawing from savings. This is no minor feat since during that time I have hired additional staff to help me run my business, gave them more hours and raises so that I could have more free time. It’s been nothing short of a miracle and I’m excitedly awaiting even more and bigger miracles to come!

Thank you thank you thank you Vanessa !!


My workshops are now coming together – taking action on my goals and bringing them into reality feels great!

Working with Vanessa in her 10k in 30 day™ program has brough me super clarity and accountability on doing something I have wanted to do for a long long time which is hosting my own worshops and getting more high end clients. My workshops are now coming together – taking action on my goals and bringing them into reality feels great! Thank you thank you thank you!

Mary Farren

30 People Already Signed Up For My FIRST Live Event

Thanks for your email and I hope you are having a fantastic week. I have decided to run my first Live Event thanks to your Webinar and have 30 people signed up already so THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Only sent the email out a few hours ago.


My sales have increased by an astounding 65%

At the time I met Vanessa Simpkins, I was in business for over 5 years. I was at a women’s networking meeting where Vanessa was our guest speaker. I look back on this as one of the best mini-seminars I had attended. Her delivery seemed to speak to me alone, I was feeling discouraged as my business seemed to be taking a nosedive. Vanessa offered a one-on-one session as a promotion to the mini-seminar. I rarely sign up for these things but I felt compelled to give it a try. Before working with her, I had the hardest time closing a sale, which of course led to self esteem issues. I really felt no motivation to continue and was quite honestly thinking of shutting down the business. Our session lasted 1.5 hours and the take-away was profound! I have been able to overcome my fear of failure by simply following her advice. I only needed to practice the methods she taught me. The results were immediate! My sales have increased by an astounding 65%. I am no longer afraid to tell my client what I need them to do to secure my services. I find I have the confidence to present my sales pitch and quote prices for my event management and decor services without hesitation. More often than not, by practicing a few very easy techniques taught to me by Vanessa, the deal is sealed! Amazing! With gratitude

Natalka Lee
Event Management, Decor and Design

I’ve tripled my closing rates!

This has been our biggest week since January! My wife and I had been struggling with attracting enough clients for our wedding photography business. I just have to let you know Vanessa I REALLY appreciate what you taught in your last workshop. I implemented just one of the techniques you taught in my last email campaign and since then I’ve tripled my closing rates! I’m impressed! I got 4 wedding booked last week and just another one this morning! I mean I got results!! That’s amazing! So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

Ron Stover

As a result of the program, I let go of two other jobs!

Before I started to work with Vanessa, I knew I wanted to reach the next level of six figures in my business. I was ready to grow my confidence, get out there and be visible.

I’d been following Vanessa for months. Her videos helped me believe that with her help and direction, I could learn what to do to make more money in my business providing group healings.

As a result of the program, I let go of two other jobs! I know how to set up my social media, do videos, Facebook Ads and attract attention. I never had confidence and I was shy. Now – I won’t shut up! I’m comfortable being visible and ready to help other people move through their fears through my work.

I also let things run off me where things bothered me before. Mistakes happen and it feels great not to dwell on other things, or what other people will say or think. This was the right time. I want the best for my son and I know I can make that happen.

Julie Hiskett

No Gimmicks or Laborious Platforms Needed

So grateful to have been introduced to Vanessa and her extraordinary work. Before Vanessa I was losing so much!!! I was losing time and resources by getting coach from people who could not produce results. I was so rock bottom, my account was constantly over drawn and I would remove enough cash just to have something to eat when it went over- it was awful. AND I was working non-stop and still broke!! Imagine having all these clients and still being broke because you are not charging enough, because you are not valuing yourself enough and because you have the WRONG person in your corner who doesn’t really walk their talk. Who is in fact keeping you small and not charging enough and making you feel terrible about wanting immediate results right now?!

Vanessa was a god-send!!! She changed my life projectory almost immediately. She believed in me and could tell right away why I was in pain, what the bad advice was, and what to do to get out of it forever. She is a master at getting women to own their monetary value in business, and has step-by-step systems that really work. So many people talk abundance, Vanessa is truly passionate AND effective in showing women how to get paid their worth right now. No gimmicks, or laborious platforms needed. Her insight produced immediate results in my life. I asked the Universe for the coach I needed to get out of hell and into my sweet spot and almost immediately I was introduced to Vanessa. So so grateful for her expertise, insight and friendship. Don’t hold off another minute from the transformation that lays in store for you when you work with her and her incredible talent.

Andrea Dolbec

I feel so much more confident and clear moving forward! You’re amazing.

Vanessa, thank you so much for the fabulous phone session today! I was feeling uncertain about whether my messaging was meeting people where they are at, unclear about what would make it more powerful and desperately in need of some expert advice. In our one hour on the phone, I can’t believe all we accomplished: you helped me focus my message, generate new language to excite new subscribers, and shared your wisdom around how how to harness that enthusiasm. I can’t wait to add it all to my site. Thanks for taking the time! I feel so much more confident and clear moving forward! You’re amazing.

Kimber Simpkins

5 New High Paying Clients & 3 Referrals From Vanessa’s Workshop Profit Secrets System!

I just recently hosted my first full-day branding workshop for 50 entrepreneurs. What an incredible experience! In my preparations for the event I referred back to Vanessa’s Workshop Profit Secret System and applied some of her strategies. I found it so helpful to have her secret formula on hand to help me structure my talk and my sales pitch. The results were amazing! I walked away with 5 new high-end clients and 3 referrals from attendees! The best part is that people told me it did not feel like a pushy sales pitch.

Thank you Vanessa for all your work in helping women entrepreneurs be more visible and get out of their comfort zones. Mentoring with you is what kick-started me and opened my eyes to the world of possibility. I’ve got big plans and I’ve only just started!

Christine Joy Décary
Branding Specialist + Graphic Designer

I’m getting serious results!!! Vanessa, I know you are worth every penny – every time I expose myself to your material–or speak with you the results blow my mind!

I have been listening to the Master sales training video in your program today and a few others on you tube also. Can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. Every time I expose myself to your material–or speak with you the results blow my mind. In addition: I have been doing what you said to do (I pledge allegiance to myself/ my success first thing in the morning and last before going to sleep …kind of thing)—RESULTS RESULTS I’m getting serious results with that!!! Yeah Vanessa, I know your worth every penny –your worth ALOT MORE ACTUALLY—for the knowledge-what you have done for my business- my whole life really. I had to stop the video and email you–what a gift you are. I am very grateful for YOU!

Marianna Mathews

Vanessa gave me the starting point to wage war on fear and leap into 2016 with a positive mindset!

The previous year of business was wildly successful, but something was gnawing at me as I looked to 2016. I was at a seminar when Vanessa led us through an exercise to get in touch with the real feelings we were experiencing as we wrote our 2016 goals. Vanessa said “All emotions deserve a voice, even the negative ones” this freed me up to face what I consider the most negative of all emotions – Fear! I realized through that exercise that though I had just experienced extreme success, I was afraid what my business future held. Walking through this exercise, followed by instructions on how to simply write affirmations, gave me the starting point to wage war on fear and leap into 2016 with a positive mindset. Thank you Vanessa!

Jean Kaiser

Vanessa is friggin’ awesome and offers so much and by far delivers more value than any program I’ve ever taken!

In Vanessa’s program, I went from not being on the internet to knowing how to navigate the internet! She’s friggin’ awesome and offers so much and by far delivers more value than any program I’ve ever taken.
The program and support is amazing. She makes it all user-friendly.

Beyond the technology, I came up with a system name, my own program and was able to put together all the things I’ve learned in a creative way that’s my own voice. It’s who I am, the lessons are me and I to share that as authentic is priceless.

The women in the group are so amazing and the environment is uplifting. It’s a big lesson – seeing how much support you can have and that you don’t have to do it all yourself. She’s genius!

What I love about Vanessa is her authenticity. She doesn’t hold anything back or protect anything like someone will take it – she’s so free with all of it and it’s a great model for me. This is the most powerful thing I’ve learned – that mirror – to be able to share at that level and not be attached.

I’ve never met anyone clearer on what to expect and what’s expected. She’s something to model, she’s clear on boundaries and does everything to deliver. You have to know yourself enough. I’ve done more in these eight weeks than I’ve done in a long time. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and also to accept that where you are is OK. To compare is to despair. It can be challenging when different people are expanding at difference paces – and she makes it all work.

She’s a totally really good example of expanding beyond what you think you can do. She makes it work and it’s her manifestation.

I learned so much from her just being the way she is — an example of how to take the image of being an entrepreneur and business owner out of your head and be a live example. She’s doing it her way and that gives you the ability to do it your way – to make it your own. To be able to find that within yourself, what it is for you is amazing — and it gave me permission to be my voice and a kick-ass model to follow with really practical steps.

Robin Burgos

As I followed this program all the areas of my life started to align in more beautiful ways. I was in a huge slump before joining the program and now I’m motivated and I feel like a magnet as people are attracted to my services!

When considering joining the program I was struggling with making my business legit. I was talking and not doing, I was working my business as a hobby and had a crippling fear of success.

While working the 10K in 30 Day™ program I realized that I needed to step out of my local geography and needed to step out online. I knew it was possible before joining but didn’t have the steps to get there. Vanessa’s program helped me follow a recipe for successful habits and business systemization.

I talked a big game in my business but what I was doing but hadn’t moved over to an “I AM” mentality. When I stumbled upon this program, I was able to look at my business as something more tangible. I embraced that I needed some big mindset shifts and Vanessa’s group calls helped me embrace my weaknesses and develop plans to show up in bigger ways in my life and business.

As I followed this program all the areas of my life started to align in more beautiful ways. The habits for success learned here have helped me and my family approach our relationships and deepened our connection.

I can honestly say that since joining this program, I feel more energetically charged in my life and business. I was in a huge slump before joining the program and now I’m motivated and I feel like a magnet as people are attracted to my services and what I can offer them. I am confident owning my value and speaking about my coaching business and my system. This work has led me to focus on building my tribe as opposed to if I had never joined, I would be exactly where i was before. To anyone considering this program – don’t let your inner naysayer get it the way of your true greatness. Your life will change and your business will grow.

Maribeth Marburger

This program was exactly the push I needed. It gave me confidence, clarity, and great ideas!

This program was exactly the push I needed. I was looking for a way to market and sell my services and this helped me tremendously. It gave me confidence, clarity, and great ideas. I put myself out there in a big way that really surprised me. It gave me a lot more courage and pride about my abilities and how they help others.

Kiki Matoba
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I worked through so much & achieved everything I set out to do!

Karen Connelly

Learned so much about myself and how to take my business to the next level!

Erin Smilkstein

Completely inspired by the group & Vanessa – not scared to move forward now!

Natasha Trafiak

I raised my vibration and invested in myself!

Tanya Marinelli

Vanessa’s influence in my life is huge. I feel supported, loved & listened to!

Teruki Matano

I now have a thriving coaching business – made my investment back x 3!

Dara Fischetti

Direction, Clarity & Accountability I always wanted!

Sabrina Garrison

Vanessa is the real deal, and 1st one I worked with where I truly saw financial reward!

Tammy Lee

Clarity, Focus & Confidence

Wendy Kim

From In-Debt to $10K in 30 days™ – MIND BLOWING!

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli

It’s been really powerful – we never wanted to leave the program!

Priscilla and Patrick Teixeira

Program supersedes everything I thought it would be. Vanessa is amazing!

Dara Fischetti