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Vanessa built for me a magical tool: a solid springboard to a more authentic life

Of course it was not by chance that I attended a conference given by Vanessa Simpkins in January 2012 in Montreal, Canada. I enjoyed her presentation and what immediately interested in her book and the coaching she offered. Even though I had some hesitation to go ahead with the coaching because of my financial situation I finally signed and went for it. To me Vanessa represents the modern businesswoman; she is a great example of success for women by women, a model that we painfully lack in our societies. I knew that my marketing side what not my strongest feature and I took the coaching with Vanessa to improve and change my attitude about that. We worked on my internal resistances, on self-confidence, of asserting myself at a deeper level.

I wanted to start a new career parallel to the one I already have. Vanessa was encouraging me to
do so while I was looking for excuses to postpone the jump. I eventually did a small jump, which on the surface was indeed small but the important thing is that I did it and that I owe to Vanessa 100 %.
Her coaching was for me a process that has led me to be much more authentic today than I was before. I realized that marketing and progressive business-like approaches were simply not me. I tried them and understood that my resistances were genuine indicators that I was not on my path.

It is a little bit like a teacher who wants to teach a child how to draw: there are tools and techniques that the teacher will present the child with and even assist with but if the child does not really like to draw, if she prefers to dance and is much more inspired by dancing then let her dance! I realized that I had the choice of going on «marketing like » path or my path and I chose my path. Now don’t get wrong here: for many businesswomen the tolls and teachings of Vanessa and other coaches are extremely useful and have given tangible results. For me what Vanessa brought into my life is of even greater value. She helped me assess who I am, what I want and the courage to move forward. Vanessa built for me a magical tool: a solid springboard to a more authentic life. Vanessa, it might be time to change your title: Vanessa, the Springboard lady! Since then my life has changed: I have moved to a new and brighter apartment, I am developing a project with a partner coach, I have attended several workshops dealing with what I am truly interested in and next December I am going to Bali for a life changing project. So you see the truth is that the coaching with Vanessa changed my life, not overnight but at a more profound level. With her I started on a path towards my true self and my authenticity. So I strongly recommend Vanessa to anyone who desires a true change in her life, whether it is marketing and business change or a personal and private change, she will build a great springboard for you. The only decision you have to make is whether you are going to jump on it!

Corinne Ardon

I am finally pursuing my lifelong career

Before I read Vanessa’s book I was struggling to get ahead at my job and beyond frustrated not knowing my passion. After I read the first chapter of her book I cried, read some more then cried, read some more then cried again. This occurred until chapter 4. So much emotion kept pouring out-good and bad. One of the passages in her book suggested to ask for guidance, anything big or small. I asked… ‘Help me find my passion for something I love to do that will bring me lots and lots of money.’ The next morning ‘Cookies’ popped into my head. Baking, specifically cookies, has always been something I loved to do, and always get raving reviews from anyone who’s tried my scrumptious cookies. And now…. not only am I pursuing my lifelong career of baking cookies but I also received a promotion at my job. Thank you Vanessa for opening up my mind and spirit to this wonderful new journey!!!! It’s been an absolute revelation so far!

Natasha Josephine G.


Another session with YOU amazes me that what you see and how you brand is coming from another level! Dancing over here after our session and celebrating the fact that you are putting into words “my gift” and helping me clarify in words my brand. I am forever grateful! THANK YOU for making it so EASY. Little did I know that there were branding oracles out there! Now I can serve the community easier since they will now understand what is available. It all goes around.

Laka Line Holmene

Vanessa is the master marketer and branding downloader

Here’s a testimonial about by beautiful Soul sistah Vanessa Simpkins, the master marketer and branding downloader. If you haven’t signed up to work with her please read this… she is worth every investment. I’m in AWE. So here’s my story… we have an amazing afternoon as the spa, massage, chill, saunas… then we to eat some sushi and I say “V, I just can’t find it, I just can’t settle this branding thing, I am a dead end…” In 15 minutes, Vanessa downloaded my missing brand connections and here it is. Thank you, my beautiful power soul friend. You are magnificent and I am blessed to have you in my life. I love what we share and WOW I am so happy and relaxed now on a subject I find impossible to find peace with.

Lisa Farrah LaJoie

Vanessa reminded me how to be a rockstar and badass!

Before Vanessa’s program, I struggled with a lack of clarity around what I wanted in business and knew I didn’t have the tools to have a virtual coaching business – specifically on Facebook.

Vanessa helped me figure out what I wanted to do and how to stay passionate about my business even when the chips are down. She helped me see when I was being run by approval, control or safety and security by using the very powerful release technique. She gave me the tools to learn how FB marketing and advertising works, what people will buy in this space and how they will buy it.

Moving forward, I have an automated scheduler, a viable Facebook page and ad to collect leads that will become clients for me; I’ve booked sales calls and have a manifesting practice. I have a lot more confidence! She reminded me how to be a rockstar and badass and be ok with where you are. Authenticity is important. I got so much out of it and am super pumped!

Cat Caldwell

I Got a Raise!

Thank you Vanessa! FYI after our conversation I presented everything to my coworkers and I WOWED THEM ALL!! My manager was so impressed that he pushed to get me a raise!! No joke! I definitely feel more confident when approaching customers and booking more appointments than ever before! MORE TO COME- I’m sure of it!

Natasha Galperin

Signed up another NEW client at my HIGHEST fees EVER!

I don’t know what you did but you released something inside me! I signed up a person for my retreat here in Hawaii, I also signed up a new distributor for my MLM program I am excited about AND I signed up another NEW client at my HIGEST fees EVER for a healing session!! Wahoo! Thank you! Stay tuned for more good news!
Thank you so much!

Jeanne Russell

Before your workshop, I was really good at keeping myself in debt

Before working with Vanessa I would have considered myself as someone who was really good at keeping myself in debt. I would spend money on the business faster than the money came in. Sales and sealing the deal, having confidence to charge what I am worth was a big show stopper for me… although after your workshop with us at WOW I put our conversation into work wight away and booked someone for sound healing and life coaching for $700! Definitely a personal victory! THANK YOU Vanessa!

Danielle Hall
Life Coach, Sound Healer

I hit my first 5 figure month! Boom!

Just got another sale and hit my first 5 figure month! Boom! I’m officially addicted to having a surplus of mont in my business bank account!

Jessica Kupferman
Podcasting, Branding & Online Strategist

My dreams came true!

I was able to bring to life the Juicy Women’s Journey 1 day Womens Empworment Event with Vanessa’s inner breakthrough work and soul savvy sales strategy’s! It’s been a dream come true for me, to create real transformation and bring empowerment to women on a global scale (we had over 140 women at the event and I’ve been asked to host it all over the country)! Hiring Vanessa was a HUGE turning point in my career and I am so grateful!

Sharon Cohen

I now know what I have to offer and how I help people!

Before I found Vanessa’s program, I knew I wanted to make a change and did not know where to start. I wasn’t clear on who my ideal client was and did not know how to market. As a result of this program, I now know who my ideal client is, have a marketing plan that I’m executing on and I know what I have to offer and how I help people. The biggest benefit is that I’m more calm around having a business, I know what to do and won’t be stopped by any roadblocks ever again. That feels really good.

Julie Pierce Onos

I didn’t let myself get nervous! Booya!

OK so Vanessa, you remember I said I was doing a talk at my networking group and you challenged me to book 5 sales calls? Well that was today and I didn’t book 5 but 4!!!! Booya! And they are all perfect women entrepreneur clients for me! I said I was giving away 5 free hour sessions with me as a sort of brand health check where I will look over all their marketing material, which they will have to email me, and we can look at what’s working and what’s not.

AND the best part is that I didn’t let myself get nervous! I made the “decision” not to be and sis a little releasing two mins before I went up. Seriously, the old me could not have pulled that off the way I did today so thank you Vanessa for all your amazing confidence boosting and coaching! You’re amazing and I love ya! xx

Christine Decarie
Graphic Designer, Branding & marketing Strategist Montreal

3 New High Paying Clients in 1 day!!

Yahooooo!!!!! 3 calls today! 3 new clients today!
I’m feeling so incredibly blessed.

Vanessa Simpkins I wanna smack a kiss on yo lips sista’!
Thank you for holding space for me during all my freak outs. It has served me immensely. I love you!

Today is a day I sold my 90 Day Program at it’s highest price. I KNOW the value is there! And NOW I say YES to receiving it too!

My program use to be $497 for a YEAR. Now it is 1900 for 90 Days!!!

Samantha Fox Olson

You’re living embodiment of harnessing your own power to engage with the world

Vanessa, you are one of the lovely people I have met along the way.

Since embarking on this path, I have been fortunate to meet inspiring, strong, dynamic and courageous women who go out in the world and turn their dreams into reality.

I realize we just met each other for a weekend but I feel like it is a lifetime relationship.

Thrilled to be working with you as I begin my next adventure – entrepreneurship and creating my dream work-life.

Lauren Paap
Shiatsu Practicitioner, Massachusetts
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Received great support, made new connections, & have more family time!

Dr. Michelle Perra

I’m now a speaker and a published author. I’m charging my worth, I love what I do, and my clients are getting results!

Tina Buchanan

With Vanessa, I have been able to make breakthroughs like never before!

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli

Worked through my blocks and learned that I could charge what I wanted!

Elise Grant

Brought in $4500 within 2-3 weeks of starting the program!

Kelsey Eigler

I Feel so Much More Confident!

Marina Love

Completely transformed my business and personal life. Best YES I’ve Ever Said! Empowered!

Christine Joy Décary

It’s been mind blowing working with Vanessa – I have taken ownership of who I am!

Denise Williams

The support I received in the group felt like coming home!

Kelly Rae Brown

I FINALLY have a business model that works for me and my lifestyle!

Meggie Winchell

Vanessa saw right inside me and addressed everything I struggled with!

Cherilyn Tuz

Vanessa is genuine & loving to her core. Her approach is like no other!

Caroline Simard