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Every Call We Have Together Makes Me Money!

I had a ton of passion and thought I could be good at sales and marketing, but I couldn’t focus on what I needed to be doing.

I’ve worked closely with Vanessa and every call we have together makes me money because of the laser clarity and direction she consistently offers me! It’s totally incredible!

Connecting with Vanessa was the most brilliant thing I ever did for my sanity and my business!

Marci Lebowitz

I had one session with Vanessa and it changed my life!

Vanessa helped me overcome fear that has kept me from driving a vehicle for over 5 yrs. I got into a pretty bad accident a while back and was too frightened to get back behind the wheel of a car. After one VERY powerful session with Vanessa I am thrilled because I am driving again! I got my license and bought a car and am now FREE! I am able to drive to my clients and that opens up a whole new world of possibility and more income for me! Thank you Vanessa!

Bella Cadotte

Vanessa is amazing!

For the short amount of time Vanessa spent in our store in the fall she hit consistently high sales volume everyday that she was there. I was astounded at the amount that she sold and the delight she brought to those she was selling to! I’ve been working with this company for 38 years and it takes a lot to amaze me! Vanessa is amazing!!!!

Larry Randall

I have gained so much confidence since working with Vanessa

Before working with Vanessa, I was dissatisfied with my career, relationships, and finances. I was attracting unhealthy work environments and relationships. My finances weren’t where I wanted to be. We worked on getting clear, focusing on what I do want rather than on what I don’t want, and releasing it to the universe. As a result, I’m pursuing the things that I never thought I’d would. I was offered a teach abroad position which starts in September, I started taking salsa lessons, and I’m attracting really cool friends. I enjoy creating rather than allowing life to happen to me. I have gained so much confidence since working with Vanessa.

Eunice Iheagwam

Thank you Vanessa for Being such a Positive Inspiration in my Life!

Vanessa, I would really like to thank you because you were the one who got me started thinking positive more consciously and set me off to create and manifest the things I want to see in my life. When I first was introduced to the law of attraction I was very skeptical but because of you I now know and see it works. I’ve attracted people I want to have in my life, more than enough clients for my Yoga- and Thai Yoga Massage business and now I introduce these life changing laws to my family, friends and students.

Thank you Vanessa for being such a positive inspiration in my life!

Sabine Hesselmann

I now have clarity and direction I can put in action right this minute!

I just had the most inspired Skype session with Vanessa! It didn’t take very long for her to pinpoint exactly what U needed to get my business started. Not one, but two great starting points for two different projects. I was very scattered before my call and now I have a plan, a direction, some great ideas that I can put into action right this minute. Keeping it simple is key! I was overthrowing the ball, an not by just holding back a little, I can hit my target with better precision. I read Vanessa’s book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” in one sitting and filled the margins with lots of notes and dog-tailed many pages! It is my go to book when I need a kick in the pants. Thank you, Vanessa!

Lucy Toppetta

I am both blesses and on fire!

I am both blesses and on fire – Blired?!! My Skype session with Vanessa has allowed my business to sky rocker and we’ve only just gotten started! Two weeks ago I surpassed my goal and sold more product that expected, I now have prospects and appointments, and now I’m on the verge of creating an online presence. Vanessa, you are my business guardian angel! Thank you!!!!

Camille Noel

I Accomplished More 1 Day With Vanessa Than I Have in An Entire Year!

Before working with Vanessa I had been very overwhelmed with the marketing part of my EFT practice and didn’t know what to do next. Vanessa understood who I am and what I do immediately. She helped me get CRYSTAL clear on who my ideal target market is, and gave me specific languaging to connect and engage with them authentically. I now have a signature speech together and feel confident to deliver it because I know what to say and in what order to say it in with my compelling offers all fleshed out and ready to go.I now have FOCUS because Vanessa gave me a plan, a complete marketing systems to get my message out there in a bigger way. I’m no longer confused because I have a plan and know what I need to be implementing each day. I have done more in my business in one VIP day with Vanessa than I have in one entire year! It’s been a total blessing and a gift to work with her!

Deb Finch

Ninety Minutes With Vanessa Completely Reshaped my Business!

Before working with Vanessa I was all over the place yet going nowhere fast. I just couldn’t get on track with where I wanted to be in my business and I didn’t have a clue as to how to leverage my assets. So much of my energy was zapped from wondering what to do next.

In comes Vanessa, quietly and discreetly taking helm of my ship and guiding me toward my destiny.
She has the quick-thinking brain helped me to create an action plan, offers and a workshop that is uniquely me. In just one session she was able to crystallize the value of my services, help me language, create and shape a workshop to help me generate more business and income quickly. All to say I have gained the confidence to put myself out there in a much bigger way.

Ninety minutes with Vanessa completely reshaped my business and have me fresh ideas to help me jumpstart my income and monetize some of my assets I didn’t even know I had! Vanessa, thank you for sharing your powerful ideas so generously and for teaching me how just saying “yes” can change a life. With sincere appreciation for the work you do.

Shari Reinhart

Vanessa BRILLIANTly zoomed in to the heart of my strengths!

Just had an AMAZING coaching call with Vanessa Simpkins! That woman BRILLIANTly zoomed in to the heart of my strengths and made practical suggestions about how to make the most of them to attract the kind of clients I really want. She helped me revamp and rename my program offerings so that what’s there now is what I’ve actually always dreamed about doing! I came out of the call feeling like a million dollars!

Arlene Taveroff

Vanessa gave me lots of great ideas of how to take my biz to the next level and skyrocket my business

Just had awesome one-on-one session with Vanessa, and came away with lots of great ideas of how to take my biz to the next level and skyrocket my business. Can’t wait to put these into action now!

Sue-Anne M. Hickey

I FINALLY Feel at Peace and Feel an Immense Joy for Life

For many years now, I have invested in many different personnel development methods, without really getting any real results of well-being. Vanessa has taught me through her approaches and methods how to let go and to release my uncertainties and my resistance patterns and self-sabotages that were wearing me down. Her active listening and personalized advices has brought me to blossom emotionally, spiritually and physically. I love enjoying this new flow of grace and listening to my intuition which tells me to take time, take time without having everything always planned out, as I did my whole life. Thanks to Vanessa’s coaching, at 57 years old, I FINALLY feel at peace and feel an immense joy for life.

Christiane Corbeil
Teacher / Artist

I am now ready to manifest my dreams and take my business to the next level

Thank you so so much Vanessa for such an empowering session we just had. You have helped me overcome some of my deepest fears that I didn’t even realize were in the way of succeeding in my business. Your words are so powerful and you have such amazing ideas. I am now ready to manifest my dreams and take my business to the next level. You are truly magical!

Anna Jenvan

It Feels So Good to Have LET GO of The Old Baggage

I was unaware how much my subconscious beliefs were effecting me, bringing experiences into my life that I did not want namely blocking my ability to bring money into my life.

My time with Vanessa was very powerful. Her methods are more then just some intellectual set of
rules to follow, but rather a deep healing of those issues that the problems come from in the first place. The two days after our session a well paying client contracted me for a quick $4000 job. The day after our sessions I was just thinking of contacting them, and I received an email from them the very next day! It was powerful reminder of the power of my mind to shape reality.

It feels so good to have let go of the old baggage – its a big shift in perception and a shift in feeling for me. I have noticed not just more events coming into my life that are positive for my financial goals, but the clarity of mind to allow good ideas to come in with more ease and peace of mind. Vanessa helped me tune back in to my power as a conscious creator and I the PEACE of mind that comes with that is priceless.

Dave Jacobs
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If You Want Jet Fuel In Your Business…She’s the Woman That Will Give it to You!

Tammy Lee

Got through my blocks, gained confidence and learned to trust myself!


Vanessa gives you everything and does not hold back!

Leyla Razeghi

This program will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Jessica Larimore

Vanessa is an amazing coach. She’ll help you breakthrough your limitations!

Gabrielle Samson

Got clarity and focus in my business & personal life. My kids are proud of me!

Valarie Connell

Helped with every aspect of my life – busted through blocks and gained confidence!

Paz Hildabrand

Got confidence, clarity and discovered so much about myself!

Rebecca Star

Vanessa Gives You Everything, She Doesn’t Hold Back

Gigi Moser

Owning my value & Increasing my Rates

Amy Englemark

Absolutely incredible results. I can’t say enough, you absolutely have to do it!

Jessi Lohman

More than doubled my income and I am taking a month off to travel!

Jolanta Kulig