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My First 9k Day!

First off Vanessa Simpkins thank you for pushing me, guiding me, challenging me because wow did I get results today.

Soooooooo drum roll I made my first $9000.00 deal in my Spiritual mentorship. Thank you Vanessa so much so so much, I feel on top of the world and i’m just getting started. I’m honoured to be an example of the brilliant work you do.

Celebrations !!!!! whooot whoop whoop BAMB.

Lisa Lajoie

My First 9k Day!

Since applying Vanessa’s law of attraction techniques our sales team has consistently hit it’s new monthly sales goals of 30,000$…5 months in a row now without fail! It’s made a world of difference to us! A big thank you Vanessa!!

Camille Vaillancourt

2 Weeks And $15,000

Vanessa pinpointed where I was holding myself back. I modeled her teachings and within two weeks, an amazing opportunity opened up.
Incredibly, the same day, $15,000 was raised to support this worthy cause and carry it forward, more money following within days. ¡Un sueño hecho realidad!
Thank you, Vanessa!

Mary Newswanger

The Spirit of Charisma Intention and Growth

For the short amount of time Vanessa spent in our store in the fall she hit consistently high sales volume everyday that she was there. I was astounded at the amount that she sold and the delight she brought to those she was selling to! I’ve been working with this company for 38 years and it takes a lot to amaze me! Vanessa is amazing!!!! Vanessa is a force of nature. The closest way I can describe her is “The spirit of charisma, intention, and growth.

While Vanessa has an amazing charisma, she’s also very intelligent and she has had great experience and results in developing and manifesting desires and sales.

Vanessa has brilliant ideas on how to grow things; dreams, relationships and businesses, and she showed me how to put them immediately to good use.

My life and my business have been profoundly affected by her and the processes she led me through.

Darren Stamos

My Testimonial is a Really Big Thank-You!

Vanessa is a voice of reason in my often chaotic life and head. When I get the chance to speak with Vanessa, no matter what the subject or the problem at hand, she helps me see clearly and puts into words what I’d been trying to formulate for God knows how long.

The Law of Attraction is something everyone in the world should know about, and Vanessa is the one who should tell them about it. Her words are strong and full of conviction, and even if you don’t want to listen, she’ll make you simply by promoting what she believes in the most; the power to be who you want to be and do what you want to do, no matter who you are or where you are in life.

My life has changed so dramatically since I met Vanessa, I’m not even sure how to put it into words. All I can say is that it’s been nothing but good things! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Miranda Lightstone

You Helped us Reach Our Goals!

The very first thing that struck me about Vanessa was her unique presence: she has this aura and wonderful personality about her. She easily communicates her belief in the product she sells, and
I believe that’s what really sells.

Standing back and watching her shows, I noticed that she always took the time to focus 100% on her clients and made them feel like they were the only ones that mattered to her in the world.

She puts her heart and enthusiasm into her work and delivers her sales presentation with this calm confidence and presence that people can’t get enough of! Even her voice is very soothing, and people are naturally curious when they hear her announcements and come (literally) running to fill their curiosity!
Thank-you for bringing your fabulous presence to the store and for helping us reach our sales goals!

Stan Streholm
Store Manager

I’d walk away from my day with pockets full of cash!

You were the one, Vanessa, I’d call for help when I felt like giving up, when I felt like throwing in the towel and saying adios! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for always making me feel better and helping me turn my mood around quickly so that I’d walk away from my day with pockets full of cash!

Sophie Protopoulos
Sales Representative

A Champion of Direct Marketing!

We have had the chance to work with Vanessa on several occasions here at our store promoting her products. She is simply incredible and her sales are phenomenal! Amongst all of the sales presenters we have worked with, hands down, Vanessa is the best. She is in a class all her own. She makes her sales presentations truly dynamic and interactive. She delivers with such enthusiasm that the clientele are always in rapt attention of her every word. I have to tell you that she has impacted our store in more ways than you can imagine! Our professional sales people working here in the store on a regular day-to-day basis have integrated several elements of Vanessa’s sales and marketing techniques with surprising success.

Alain Fortin

You opened our lives to appreciating the beauty around us

Vanessa you touched us both in ways that we will never be the same. You opened our lives to appreciating the beauty around us & appreciating what other people have to offer.

Patti Rudasill

Vanessa went beyond positive and became an inspiration to all of us!

From the very first moment I met Vanessa Simpkins, I knew that she was unique and she definitely stood out from the other candidates. She was totally riveting and dynamic and asked questions that most candidates hadn’t considered or were too shy to ask.

I knew immediately that girl would be great! And great she was!

The agents who do well in this company must have a positive attitude, even if they are having a bad day. Vanessa went beyond positive and became an inspiration to all of us!

She used the laws of attraction not only for sales and to draw to her booth positive, excited customers who were willing to buy. We all marvel at her phenomenal sales skills.

I am honored to be a part of her book and I know without a doubt that this book, along with everything I have witnessed Vanessa accomplish, will be remarkable!

Lori Couture
Retail Sales Manager

Your Motivation is Very Contagious!

Your motivation is very contagious. You are very wise for such a young woman.

Working with you has allowed me to dig deeper into what I want and what I don’t want – not what I should or should not want, and always considering everybody else first before myself.

You could spend hours with a psychologist and never feel that you’re making progress. In a very short period, you managed to clarify some very important issues for me.

Thank you!

Sandra MacDougall
Real Estate Agent

You are absolutely extraordinary

You are absolutely extraordinary, Vanessa! Your shows are captivating, your energy is dynamic and people fall in love with your authenticity. I have never witnessed anything like it! You have a wonderful way of making people fall in love with you and just want to eat you up with a spoon! I feel so touched that I can call you a true friend. You are such a rare breed ~ a mixture of fun, positive charisma and success!

I have never witnessed anything like Vanessa’s authentic sales process. The proof was in the pudding as we consistently watched her triple the amount of sales, compared to other vendors.

I must say your approach and results are a welcome relief, especially during this challenging economy.

Marianne Cocks

I Am Self Employed and Loving Every Minute of it!

Vanessa has always been a source of inspiration to me, her clear head and concise manner of speaking are really motivating! A year ago I was just treading water and had almost no idea how I would get from where I was to starting my service Web business. With Vanessa’s help, today I am completely self employed and loving every minute of it! Vanessa gave me the kick in the pants I needed, and gave me to tools to find clarity and define my goals and most importantly, go after them. I never liked the idea of going after “money” or “fame” but she taught me that when you work hard and genuinely care about helping people, the money comes naturally and guilt free. Thank you Vanessa for all your attention and pant kicking!

Georgiana Laudi
Web Marketing

I have yet to meet anyone who could sell close to $6000 a day worth of $40 mops!

It’s been a thrill to watch Vanessa soar to top salesman in our company. As her manager I can honestly say, she is a pleasure to work with and a huge asset to our sales team. I have yet to meet anyone who could sell close to $6000 a day worth of $40 mops! It always amazed me as I would watch Vanessa set her intentions for sales and hit her mark every time and have tons and tons of fun, bringing bright light to all who are around her. Congratulations on your ongoing success.

Vanessa Mason
Market Manager
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“8K in 8 Weeks – 4 New High Ticket Clients!”

Lisa Lacy

16k So Far And Heading For a 6 Figure Year in Her Coaching Business!

Vanessa Simpson

One of the BEST Decisions I Could Have Made

Jon Block
Speaker Venture

Soul Sister Mastermind – Annik

Annik Gareau

Soul Sister Mastermind – Tina

Tina Buchanan

Soul Sister Mastermind 2017 – Adeena

Adeena Wagner

Vanessa is so real, I am so blessed to have found her!

Cynthia Spillman

Vanessa helped me step into my power & take my business to a whole new level!

Jeanne Russell

Vanessa helped me define my calling! I love what I do and I’m energized!

Kinga De Wit

Vanessa helps you break through what’s blocking & weighing you down!

Melissa Macky

This is great for anyone who’s done with being stuck and are ready to move!

Marina Love

Gained so much clarity and momentum, and it was effortless!

Sara Stein