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The Simple System Our Clients Use To Create A Wildly Successful Coaching Business In Record Time.


I tripled my income in 28 days – from just one simple strategy from Vanessa.

She is street-wise, worldly-wise and business-wise way beyond her years! Vanessa has a big heart that guides her to give all she can to help her clients succeed – and they do! You will most certainly make a big leap in your business by working with her.

Kala H. Kos

I Closed a HUGE Contract With a Fabulous Client for $30,000!

Before working with Vanessa, I felt stuck, and trapped in this endless busyness cycle all the time. I sacrificed having fun, I skipped meals and let my health slip, I never had time for myself or my loved ones. I was tired all the time and had no energy and constantly worried about where the next sale would come from in my company.

Coaching with Vanessa has been A RIDE!!

I now get to spend more time with my friends, my family and actually get better results at work! I closed a a HUGE contract with a fabulous client for $30,000, and it happened exactly the way I visualized it! I now I know that my heart vibrates and creates my reality. I’ve learnt that changes come from the inside and the world conspires to give you what you want! I feel happy again! My health is on track, everyone at work can see the difference in me, and I am celebrating all the big and small things that happen everyday!

I am not frantically run by my emotions anymore – I am creating, fully aware and living now! I feel alive and excitement everyday at what will show up next! Thank you for this AMAZING ride!!!

Silvia Zoch
CEO, Sales Director

Vanessa Over-Delivered on Her Promise

I’m a Soul Evolution Accelerator and have been leading transformational retreats for women for several years. I hired Vanessa because my own Spirit was calling me to serve at a higher and more personal level, but I didn’t know how to do that.

Before working with Vanessa, all the marketing methods that worked well in the past, stopped working. And I needed an instant make-over that could uplevel my sacred service and bring me a quick and consistent cash flow.

Following Vanessa’s simple sales attraction system and savvy sales guidance, within a week I put out an offer to my tribe, booked 75 appointments and have a waiting list of 50 people who want to talk to me about my services! Wow! Vanessa helped me breakthrough my aversion to sales and helped me realize that sales is really helping people breakthrough their fear of change.

Vanessa’s challenge is 10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. Her sales training is called Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cashflowand that is exactly what she does. Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, just follow Vanessa’s recipe and you’re sure to get results you will be happy with!

Suzanna Kennedy

Vanessa and her team provided me the motivation and accountability to get BIG work done!

I came into this program with huge visibility blocks. I was scared of being seen and as a result I wasn’t making offers in my business. I had some ideas in my head but I wasn’t taking action to bring those things to fruition.

Not being seen in my business was severely holding me back. The program offered me a level of personal and group support that encouraged me to share my videos before I put them out to the masses. The program made it really simple to start releasing my attachment to perfection. I started to resolve my gremlins that were holding me back by making everything super simple. Making offers was a challenge for me. I needed guidance and support to learn how to write copy – Vanessa’s offer Bible is so worth the investment in this program for me. I felt more confident having this formula and I continue to consult this guide to help me craft offers that resonate with me and my audience. I had always felt to “salesy” in my offer approach before joining this program. Developing my Sales Attraction system helped me develop my story and get super clear on my ideal client and choose to work with people that align with my work. I was able to release a lot of disappointment and I’ve begun to understand personal branding in a much deeper way. The clarity that I gained from this program was also about dealing with my perfectionism gremlins. As I was working through elements of this program, I was concerned about not hitting the mark – when I presented my story it was more about me owning and honoring my truth. I came into this program with a business already and it helped me embrace the motto “Good enough is GOOD ENOUGH!!” Vanessa and her team provided me the motivation and accountability to get BIG work done and start to drive towards my goals.

I’ve learned to take things one step at time in this program and I have such a strong foundation set for me. I feel entirely more legitimate in my business because this program helps build your confidence in a way that I didn’t imagine. I feel more administratively buttoned up which gives me clarity to communicate my work to other people that may not have understood before. Before joining this program I was unsure in owning my work and getting people to understand the work I was doing. because I have this clarity about how i am serving others, I’ve been able to develop my network and forge more valuable business connections that are providing me new opportunities. I can show the cohesion of my business and it’s not just all in my head.If you are considering this program, don’t let fear stop you from making your dream business a reality. Release your fear of success and embrace your true talents. The Sky is the limit and Vanessa will give you actionable system to help get you out of your stuckness and develop more clarity and motivation in your work!

Kristyn Dimi

I was once a mere learner, going from one program to the next. Now I stand in my power and I’m earning while serving in my business!

Before joining Vanessa’s program I had no clear vision of how my work should show up and serve people. I had no clue about how to market my business online and really was lacking clarity on how my website could be working harder to drive traffic to my business.

The clarity for my work came from the amazing Videos and Module content that Vanessa shares with you in this program. Learning how to get visible, deliver value and make offer was a sincere shift in my business mindset. I learned that I had to live in my business with a purpose and making marketing decisions that were more strategy based and less about throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. I learned that I had to give my clients exactly what they needed whether they like it or not – this is where the value is really created. I learned that bringing the real reality was such powerful work for my clients. While I knew that I’m serving my clients value on an individual scale, this program helped me package up all my services and share them with others in one life-changing offering. I was once a mere learner, going from one program to the next. Now I stand in my power and I’m earning while serving in my business.

I feel so much more confident in my business. I realized that I wasn’t keeping my eyes on my own paper, and when I put the focus back on myself I was able to shift my thinking and get clarity on how I am meant to serve. I’ve been showing up in my business in a new a refreshed way. If you are considering joining this program I can honestly tell you that the value that Vanessa and her team bring to the table is outstanding. You will be driven to create your career on your terms and taught so many habits for success while following a roadmap to create your business.

Linda Crea

The abundance of coaching and marketing support, including Vanessa’s step-by-step recipe, gave me so much support, initiative and inspiration!

Before joining Vanessa’s program I was struggling with self confidence. I wanted to develop a strong foundation for my business but needed support around what my Marketing strategy would look like. I need guidance developing my program, learning to make offers and getting clear on my target market.

My self confidence was skyrocketed from the Mindset work and the Mastermind community. I was no longer isolated in my experience and realized that facing my fear and doubt was part of the process of taking back my power. I went from wondering if I could do this to believing that I can! My marketing understanding was super limited. And the abundance of coaching and marketing support including Vanessa’s step-by-step recipe gave me so much support and the initiative and inspiration to get it done. This was so targeted and specific as opposed to other programs that have broad strokes and the content helped me walk through step by step and took the pressure off of me. My Mindset Mentor, Breakthrough Coach and Vanessa helped me get clear on what I wanted to offer, exactly how to package up and then unleash into the world. The one-on-one coaching provided deep clarity and support and helped me breakthrough.

I now have a clear, concise marketing plan. I’ve developed the emotional and mental tools to help me overcome obstacles and weather storms while still celebrating wins in my business. I can now keep my inner naysayer at bay and continue the important work of growing my business. I have a concrete and direct program, audience and brand that I can make offers with. I’m working my path to attract clients and feel this program and prepared me in longterm ways for success.

Jenna Ecklein

I now have an established coaching business with a powerful story and an endorsement on my brand. I feel great about the work I’ve done here!

I faced three main challenges in my business before coming into the program. I needed to understand how to develop an online presence and start making offers in my business. I had huge visibility blocks and wasn’t sure how to overcome this. I needed help crafting my story and finding my voice in my coaching business.

Vanessa walks you through a very clear funnel that helps you go from concept to completion on the foundation of you coaching business. It was hugely beneficial to me to get the concrete steps to building my sales attraction system and begin to start making offers to my ideal customers. this program skyrocketed me out of my visibility blocks by empowering me to use live video to engage my audience. This made me more aware of how I have to show up to seen in my business. This program helped me develop some core habits for success like planning and consistency that have helped me grow my business tremendously. The one-on-one work offered in this program is very powerful and helped me create an impactful About Page to engage my clients.

I now have an established coaching business with a powerful story and an endorsement on my brand. I’ve got my signature system and program and have everything i need to serve my ideal clients. I feel great about the work I’ve done here. This program helped me breakthrough on so many level so that I can continue to more deeply serve my clients!

Yolanda Mincey

Since graduating, I know 100% this program changed my life and the investment was so worth it!

Before joining Vanessa’s program I struggled with low confidence, mindset issues and overall knowledge of how to leverage technology in my business. I knew I wanted to do BIG work in the world helping other women, but I just wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

What really helped me overcome these struggles was the honest and present support offered by Vanessa and her team. I felt connected to Vanessa and her team and always felt like my questions were answered and I was guided in the direction I needed to get things done. I felt empowered by this support and it also helped me grow immensely. Over the 8-weeks I know I’ve come a long way and have overcome resistance and have gotten core elements of my business up and running to get things going. The mindset work in the program is above all else. It’s a constant journey to heal your mindset, but the regular support over 3-times a week live on the call is outstanding. Not to mention, the amazing community of women that are in this program – it helps get you out of your head and back to work. If you are scared of technology – fear NOT! Vanessa and her team will walk you through the steps. I’ve learned to be more adaptable and more gentle with myself. I no longer make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to smaller challenges.

Since graduating, I know 100% this program changed my life and the investment was so worth it. This program requires faith and a giant leap, and on the other side is a business you only dreamed of and a calling you are deeply answering. I felt in my heart that I needed this program and when recommended to me, I leapt at the opportunity. I would say to anyone on the fence about joining – YOU NEED TO TRY IT – because the support is unparalleled and the program work is transformative if you are open and coachable.

Paola Frias

I was able to get serious clarity, create my website and sales attraction system to start engaging my ideal clients!!

Before joining Vanessa’s program I was struggling with Mindset Blocks and really getting clear on what my gremlins actually were. I was having trouble getting clear on the beliefs that were veiled behind my blocks. I knew I needed to market my coaching business, but wasn’t sure how to get started. The last thing I needed support around was increasing my technological know-how.

During the program I was able to break through my blocks and get some outstanding pieces of my Sales Attraction Put into place. I was able to work through my mindset blocks and get serious clarity on these gremlins I learned to take my technology gremlins and kick them to the curb. I was able to create my own website along with the sales attraction system to start engaging with my ideal clients.

I would greatly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to start their online coaching business. my mindset blocks were totally real and are no longer holding me back in my life or business. I’ve learned to embrace technology as a tool to grow and expand my business. I’m grateful for the growth and experience I had working with Vanessa and her team.

Sheri Todd

Vanessa, her team and the 10K in 30 Day program helped me polish my shine, find my voice and live my truth. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this deeply transformative work!!

The 10K in 30 Day program helped me realize that I had huge visibility blocks, being open about true self and allowing my belief system isolate me and keep me unseen.

The weekly group Q+A calls really helped me break out of my shell, get comfortable on video, and start finding my voice around my work. On the first video group I was so alarmed that people would see me, but as I kept going it was clear that this is exactly where I meant to be. Being around diverse group of women owning their truth in the world helped me own my own. The program forced me to be visible I had to really wrestle with the honesty and integrity that it take to run this business. I started to lean in and put my truth an work into the world and it was astonishing to me and my friends, family and community.

Since completing my program It’s been easier for me to spontaneously converse with strangers. I’m a social person but it was always easy for me to just bite my lip. When I started to live in this more open way, my husband even noticed. The work in the program helped me soften around he more hardened parts of my heart. I was able to deal with the hurts and wiring of childhood experiences – i was able to start to express my true nature. Connecting with others and shining my light has helped me shed my Ice Queen Persona and embrace the warm loving light that is meant to heal the people I will be working with.

Vanessa, her team and the 10K in 30 Day program helped me polish my shine, find my voice and live my truth. I’m grateful to the opportunity to do this deeply transformative work. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to break through their blocks and root into their calling.

Roxanne Dashnaw

Attention Fellow Wave Riders

Since working in Vanessa’s 10k in 30 day program I’m able to ride the manifesting wave so much easier! I’ve attracted 3 new deals in one week and the highest prices ever resulting in 9000 Euros!!! Woo hooo!!

AND the biggest win is that they just came in – I didn’t have to struggle or fight to get them – all by just riding the “wave” and that’s the best take away from vanessa’s program is how to get clear, and then STAY in that aligment to pull in or attract what you want, more clients and more money with ease.

Vanessa’s gift is really instilling in others the the confidence to ride the bigger waves and KNOW that it is absolutely possible, I deserve it and that I can have it! THANK YOU soo much for this amazing ride!!

Eunice Martins, Germany

Whoo Hoo An Extra $1000!!!

Marina Love

Best Week Yet – $8k

Following Vanessa’s simple and straightforward strategies I had the BEST week in my business yet 8k and counting!

Nicole Longstreath
Virtual Wardrobe Stylist

I just signed a deal for $37,000!

Hey All. Well, here I am with a celebration! I signed up to work with Vanessa around mid October last month when I was feeling very stuck and unmotivated about my business. It was such a big decision for me to invest money in the business and myself (as I know it has been for many people in this group). However, I just signed a deal!!!!!!! I just signed off on a deal to run a yearlong leadership programme for the princely sum of £37,200!!! Overall feels like a brilliant opportunity to get back out there and shine. Thanks so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your help!

Lisa Cattell
1 8 9 10 11